Electronic Industry

Owing to technological progress and new innovations, electronic industry is most successful sector in current consequence. The electronic industry in Maldives constitutes just 0.7 per cent of the global industry; nevertheless demand in the Maldivian market is developing rapidly which indicates huge scope in electronic industry in Maldives. The largest division is the consumer electronics sector. While is largest export segment is of components. Electronic devices are used in every sector of the current economy. The industry employs concluded a million people in developing, manufacturing, and selling electronic equipment and devices.

Electrical engineers create up the largest group of engineers in the industry, an electronic recruitment agency can catch job in

  • Consumer electronics manufacturing organization,
  • Telecommunication industry,
  • IT industries,
  • Health care equipment manufacturing industry,
  • Mobile communication,
  • Internet technologies,
  • Power Electronics, and Other industries like steel, petroleum and chemical industry, directing control and testing production process.

We have a proven pathway record in identifying top and middle management candidates for many start-up companies such as innovative equipment manufacturers, original design manufacturers, electronic manufacturing services, contract electronic manufacturers and component manufacturers. There is also a additional segmentation by products in this space that include terminal equipment (landline/wireless), communication and network equipment, power electronics, consumer electronics, hardware and computer peripherals, and electronic components.


The major segment of the business's professional and technical workers consists of computer specialists, who work in areas from the design of new products to encoding the computers that control automated developed processes.


Other technical workers, such as electronics technicians, drafters, and engineering aides, also assist the scientists, engineers, and designers.


The largest group of employees consists of assemblers who put together components and finished products. Assemblers usually use small tools, soldering irons, and light welding equipment and follow printed diagrams or instructions. Less-skilled assemblers perform repetitive tasks on assembly lines that require manual dexterity. As more and more assembly processes are automated, assemblers often supervise the machinery that does the actual assembly of products.

Electronic assembly inspectors check the products after they have assembled them to make sure the products meet the company's principles. Some inspectors are experienced electronics technicians, while others are less-skilled workers. Inspectors and testers are desired at all phases of electronics manufacturing. Maintenance workers, such as industrial machinery repairers and electricians, repair and maintain manufacturing and electrical equipment. In accumulation, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics are required to maintain the special temperature-controlled, dust-free rooms establish in many electronics plants.