Most companies do not find it effective to put their resources into hiring short term employees, whether it is to cover a sick leave or short term project. These instances often require fast efficient action that cannot be accomplished by the company’s in house recruiters.

JFM has the resources and data base necessary to provide fast effectual service to ensure the client’s needs are competently met.

This is a major service we provide to the companies & resorts. The objective of this service is to ensure that all contract workers have legal and valid documents as per the Maldivian employment law and regulation. The expenditure for the resorts & companies will be minimized as the labor expenses will all be covered by JFM. We’ve been dealing with many resorts providing them the manpower for specific departments. Mostly this service is given for cleaning, ground maintenance, gardening, laundry and other such departments who require labor force. JFM will be taking full responsibility of all workers which will include but not be limited to the payment of visa/ work permit fee, deposit and other charges/ taxes mandated by the Government of Maldives in connection with the contractor’s staff legalities and expatriation, during the service of the workers to the resort. Under this service JFM will be covering the following expense of each worker.

  • Work Visa
  • Airfare Deposit
  • Medical Insurance
  • Medical Check-up
  • Photo Printing
  • Work permit Card
  • Payroll
  • Employment Pension
  • Employment Insurance


    • Company/Resort payroll will be reduced.
    • The company/resort does not need to be anxious about the Contractual staffs’ work visa, medical check-up and insurance, as JFM will ensure that their work visa, medical check-up & insurances are done on time without any delay.
    • A prior job orientation and an awareness program will be held for all the expatriates provided under our contract.
    • If our client desires, this orientation and awareness program can be held within the existing employees of their company as well. This includes workers of all the categories, starting from labors to professionals.
    • The main reason is to provide the appropriate knowledge regarding their work and to understand their skill levels of the responsibilities.
    • All the staffs provided by our company will be skillful and responsible.
    • The candidates presented for the unskilled category, will at least know how to write and read in their native language.
    • All the candidates recruited for the semi-skilled category, will also have the knowledge and experience in their field.
    • If any post, professional or any other, requires a specific qualification and experience, then we will advertise the requirements through respective countries local newspapers.
    • We will deliver quality staffs for those vacancies which require a specific qualification and experience.
    • In case of violation of the client’s rules and regulations and instruction of the client’s management; JFM removes such workers immediately.
    • If any candidate is not applicable for any work or if the candidate denies doing any work, which the resort provided, then that particular staff will be terminated at the instant and will be sent to his home land; however JFM will provide a replacement for that particular task.
Please feel free to contact our representative for your Project Staffing needs. We will be glad to assist you in developing the project staffing plan and provide qualified resources.