The objective is to set up the best possible recruitment service by ensuring that “human” investment is well-maintained. The result is all dedicated in successful provision of subsequent cost saving, and well-organized, with extremely dedicated and professional staffs. We understand that the employees are the most valuable stakeholders in any organization. Hence, JFM will go to any extent necessary, to sustain the confidence that our clients place in us.


  • Comprehensive analysis of client’s need:
    This, we believe among the most important steps that decide our subsequent performance. Our team approaches for a comprehensive study about the employer’s exact need. This analysis included the role & responsibilities that the candidate would be responsible for, and the components of the business activities, work-culture, and industry practices in order to make our candidates the most satisfied candidates.
  • Job Order /Search Hunt
    • Once we receive the job order, our team will start hunting for the correct candidates. They scan the extensive talents and shortlists the potential candidates in our CV Bank.
    • These candidates are shortlisted by discovering their qualification, skills and level of competence, experience & past references, through a preliminary interview,
    • We will send the CV’s from our selected CV Bank, as per your request, within the next 24 (Twenty Four) hours of receiving the order.
    • If the job order contains any professional requirement, we will advertise this through respective country’s local newspapers and will find the skilled and experienced candidates
  • Presentation/Selection of the Candidate
    • After shortlisting the best candidates, we will submit all the CVs to the employer for their final selection so they can take their picks.
    • Mostly the final interview is done via electronic communication (Mostly Skype); while the employer is also welcome to visit them and have a face-to-face interview (arranged as per the request)
  • Recruitment
    • - This step involves the final agreement and the issuance of conditional offer, and assisting the recruited professionals with the necessary formalities. The copy of the ticket will be forward to the client without any further delay.
  • Job Orientation
    • A prior job orientation and an awareness program will be held for all the expatriates recruited by our company.
    • The main reason is to provide the appropriate knowledge regarding their work and to understand their skill levels of the responsibilities.
  • Reporting the Candidate
    • After receiving the work permit, we will be able to bring the candidate to male’ within 05 (five) days of duration, depending the countries recruited.
    • We will receive the candidate on arrival at the airport and take full responsibility until the candidate is handed over to the respective Company.
    • We’ll be re-informing about the candidate’s arrival 24 hours prior to the arrival time. If the client is unable to accept the candidate due to the time of arrival or other circumstances; we will provide accommodation and food until the client finds an appropriate time to receive the candidate.
    • Before handing the candidate over to the client, our medical team will ensure that, all the candidates are being tested for the viral diseases (full medical check-up will be done)
    • At the time of handing the candidates to the client, we will be submitting the original offer letter to the candidates. This declaration will also have a copy in the first language of the candidate as well. This will ensure that there are no misunderstanding with the salary and the work that they have to perform with the company.
  • Documentation process, after Reporting
    • JFM will then engage in processing their visa fees, insurance, work permit card processing.

  • Dissatisfaction
    • If the client is unsatisfied with employee’s work or if the candidate does not meet the requirements, the company will have the right to send the candidate back to us within the probation period of one month. We take full responsibility and send back the candidate without any charge from our client.