In order to supply for the above services, we’ve built a special R.M.S (Recruit Management System). Through this system, our clients will get an alert of work permit expiries, visa fee expiries and passport expiries which has been isolated automatically. Due to this alert our clients will be able to pay the fees without getting fined.

The Services provided through Record Maintenance Services.

  • Quota Processing
  • Work Permit Application
  • Work Permit Extension
  • Work Permit Card Extension
  • Work Permit Cancel
  • New Work Permit Card
  • Lost Work Permit
  • Application to Change Employer/Site/Occupation
  • Visa Payment
  • Passport Renewal
  • Passport Handling
  • Others

R.M.S (Recruit Management System):

This system is primed for easy maintenance of all the procedures related to other authorities and the expatriate. From this system, we are able to prepare all the forms and documents needed for their visa, card and passport from one click; hence the work load gets insubstantial and easier.

We save all the data to this system as soon as we receive the relevant document from the client. Work permit information, passport information and other relevant information shall be included in these documents.

We provide R.M.S (Recruit Management System) login to our clients. This system can be retrieved and the information about the expatriates can be viewed from anytime and from anywhere, where internet is accessed. The main reason of this is to provide a transparent service to our clients and to enhance their employment record maintenance.

Through the system, our clients will get an alert of 15 days to 30 days for work permit expiries, visa fee expiries and passport expiries which is raised automatically to our exclusive clients. Our RM System will provide an alert visa Email, also will expedite to call client’s mobile as an final alert