Biography of Senior Management
Hussain Ismail
With an ACCA qualification, Hussain Ismail has had comprehensive experiences from various firms. He has performed as an accountant in some of the reputed companies like ALIA CONSTRUCTIONS & WING SERVICES PVT LTD. Likewise; he has worked as a credit control manager and later as sales manager at FOCUS INFOCOM PVT LTD. From the broad experience in the recruitment industry, as the former Operations Director of MALDIVES EMPLOYMENT SERVICES PVT LTD, he has engaged with the responsibility of managing and handling overall operations and also directly dealing with the clients of JFM PVT LTD.
Mohamed Ismail
Started his career, 14 years back, as an Investigations officer at MALDIVES POLICE SERVICES. Being an investigation officer, he came to recognize the illegal expatriates in Maldivian community. Therefore, as a director at JFM PVT LTD, he has the potential knowledge and capability to stop illegal recruitments. Hence JFM PVT LTD is strictly against human trafficking, Illegal documentations and recruitment process.

Gureysha Moosa
Has started her career as a secretary at MOTOR CYCLE SERVICES in 2007. Improved administrative, HR and Procurement knowledge and experience, from CENTRE FOR THE HOLY QURAN and UPPER NORTH UTILITIES LIMITED (FENAKA) as Administrative Officer. Started her marketing career as Marketing Officer at GLOBAL LINK PVT LTD and later joined MALDIVES EMPLOYMENT SERVICES PVT LTD as Marketing Manager. With a Diploma and an on-going A. Degree in BUSINESS MARKETING, she has signed the contract with JFM as a Marketing Manager. However, she was promoted to a director to handle all the operations of the company.
Simaan Haadi
After doing his A’level from C.H.S.E, he has joined his family business with a powerful will of becoming a successful person in his career. After two years of serving the construction industry, he understood that he shall continue his career in the field of admin & HR; therefore chose to work at Just for Maakin Pvt Ltd as an Administrative. Due to the loyalty and responsibility shown towards his work within the first 6 months, JFM has decided to give him a promotion from Administrative officer to an Assistant Admin Manager, later to Assistant General Manager.

Mohamed Miflah
He gained broad knowledge from ACCOUNTS & ECONOMICS, in SRI LANKA’s well-reputed College, Wycherley International School Colombo. He is currently preparing to get his Master’s Degree in Accounts & Economics from Australia.