Cleaning and Security Service

Janitorial Services

JFM has been a groundbreaker in facility services for over the years. Our solid substance of reliability, superiority and invention has permitted us to compromise our client’s extraordinary service and quality.

JFM today is an international service provider in janitorial services. Our commitment to reliability, superiority and invention and the environment has never been stouter and we look forward to what the future holds.

Why JFM is a Preferred Choice

Janitorial amenities consumes up to thirty percent of a competence’s working budget. Whether a small business or a fortune 500 company, the cost is important. JFM’s janitorial service gives you a unique opportunity to manage and reduce those costs without compromising on the quality.

We accomplish this through a structured approach.

  • Pursue your opinion during the procedure.
  • Systematize the cleaning system.
  • Cultivate the cleaners’ standard work using quadrants.
  • Reduce cost by disregarding INTERRUPTION in your cleaning service.
  • Measure and control through Equipment

Few janitorial companies suggest a structure to approach for finding cost savings. By contracting with JFM, you gain a partner who will help improve both your facility’s cleanliness and the bottom line.

Why JFM is better

You may think profitable cleaning is a service. Some of the key factors that separate JFM’s janitorial service are:

  • We build a routine cleaning program for your competence.
  • Eradicate waste and reduce modification in your building cleaning service
  • Open cost, quality and responsiveness confession using JFM's web-based technologies.
  • Proposes facilities which would improve your competence's Safety, Health, Asset Preservation, Productivity and Environmental metrics.

Most of all, we:

  • Seek first the voice of the customer.
  • Clean to your specifications.
  • Use an organized method to solve cleaning service problems and to stay within your specifications.
  • Goal and eradicate waste (cost) and discrepancy.
  • Measure, and improve your cleaning program.
  • Document it for repeatability

Cleaning Services you Can Rely on:

  • Day cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Clean room services
  • Cement cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Elevator cleaning
  • Tile/hard floor refurbishment
  • Light built-up
  • Epidemic protection
  • Construction line support
  • Provides a system which would reduce the environment footprints
  • Sustainable, trusted & experienced cleaning service

Day Cleaning

We use the best practiced procedure to clean buildings during the day time hours Day cleaning is not just night cleaning at a different time; it is a new approach to cleaning that diminishes disturbance to tenants while generating a positive experience for tenants as well as domestic worker. Domestic workers who clean during the day experience greater job gratification. Such daily collaboration with workers requires key changes in process, interpersonal skills, uniforms/appearance, safety procedures and equipment assortment.

Daytime cleaning is a growing best practice many JFM customers are selecting. This is a smart option as it generates a win–win relationship between JFM contractors and building managers/owners.

Certified Day Cleaning Program

  • Scheduling

    Scheduling is an important section to day-time as it helps to complete the full task need commotions or safety concerns before and after the occupants leave. All detailed work such as wet floor work will be carried out at the early hours to avoid any interface. JFM will use its job card and quadrant scheduling in doing so.

  • Training

    Training for day cleaning involves guardians to learn skills beyond cleaning. In day cleaning, custodians go from zero interfaces with building occupants to daily dealings. JFM’s day cleaning training includes preparation on wave-offs, personal space and managing appeals from building occupants. All of JFM’s training is aimed to ensure we minimize workplace disruption, and risk to building occupants.

  • Equipment

    JFM’s day cleaning equipment’s used by JFM is designed in a way that it wouldn’t interfere the owner of the building and it also reduces risk as well.

  • Communication

    Form what a what-off is to how personal request will be managed .effective day-time programs makes certain that the building occupants understand how the program works.

  • Occupant Cooperation

    New employees, time and memory make gaining and maintaining building occupant cooperation an essential part of a sustainable day program. JFM will provide you with many tools, from table tents, to chair drops, to posters, to help current and new employees understand and support the program.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Why JFM?

Aren’t all carpet cleaners basically the same? Absolutely not!
Quality carpet care is more complex than most people realize.

JFM’s years of experience has taught us which chemicals, tools and processes minimize chemical residue and maximize carpet longevity. No one knows better than JFM exactly how to keep your carpets clean and preserve their appearance:

  • Our cleaning solutions are certified and proven effective; they maintain the proper pH to extend the life of your carpet.
  • Our tools (especially the extractors) are developed specifically to pull as much soil as possible from your carpets when used in conjunction with the proper chemicals.
  • JFM cleaners certify in training courses that educate them in carpet preservation and maintenance.

Improve your Indoor Air Quality and Employee Health

Your carpets are a key component of your facility’s appearance AND health

Protecting and caring for them will help preserve your facility’s overall appearance and help improve the overall S.H.A.P.E.* of your building, in other words, the:

A=Asset Preservation

Services for Your Carpet Care

  • Spotting - emergency “spot” treatments keep carpets clean and extend carpet life by removing spots and spills. Our carpet specialists use blotting or encapsulation, depending on the nature of the stain, to keep your carpets clean between regular treatments.

  • Regular Interim Cleaning - regular, periodic cleaning of large carpet areas such as entryways and hallways is important in extending the life of your carpets. Encapsulation is JFM’s preferred method for best results.

  • Restorative Cleaning - hot water extraction is JFM’s preferred method for restoring carpet to its original state and extending carpet life. JFM uses only extractors that are Gold Seal Certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute (the leading science-based source for facts about carpet and rugs.)

  • Warranty Tracking - JFM uses electronic technology to track the warranty on your carpets and alert you to any issues involving the use and expiration of your warranty.

Concrete Cleaning Sustainable & Effective Concrete Maintenance

In keeping with JFM’s commitment to green products and processes, we offer a concrete restoration service that cleans oil stains from concrete surfaces without the use of power washing, which wastes resources and pollutes water. This eliminates the need for expensive wastewater treatment and/or disposal. JFM applies a dry, granulized powder to the concrete surface. The powder is worked into the pores of the concrete where it breaks down and decomposes the oil—actually consuming the stain.

The application is:

  • Environmentally responsible—waterless application means no oily wastewater runoff.
  • Convenient with minimal impact on customers—quick application process creates virtually no interruption to customer traffic. Surface is ready for traffic immediately after application.
  • Effective—the added curb appeal is attractive to your customers.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

JFM can restore the look of concrete surfaces where oil stains from vehicles are present:

  • Concrete drive-thrust
  • Concrete parking areas
  • Parking structures
  • Gas stations/convenience stores
  • Any concrete surface with oil stains

Ease Your Transition

Eliminate disruption

JFM's 5-S Transition Process

Service transitions can be disruptive for both commercial janitorial and maintenance services, but they don't have to be. JFM uses the same discipline employed in its structured approach for cost and variation reduction as it does in its transition process. We make transitions a positive experience for incumbent employees, building occupants and decision makers.

JFM transitions are customized to individual businesses, taking into account unique facility assets, sensitive human resource issues, and timing needs. When the transition includes the switch to day cleaning, JFM leaders have obtained HHPC certification for training both cleaners and building occupants how best to promote the transition.

One of the unique Lean Six Sigma elements of a JFM customized transition is applying our 5-S process to your janitorial closets and janitorial and maintenance warehouse facilities. A key element to eliminating waste in facility services is inventory control and avoidance of over-production due to disorganization. JFM’s 5-S approach to your resources will also promote safety, as well as time savings and effective resource management.