Construction Service

JFM offers years of experience in construction services. Our experience includes building retail stores, merchandising build-outs, modernizes and school construction. In addition to construction, JFM provides asset forecasting, cost valuations, crisis controlling and project management.

Our construction capabilities include:

  • Construction Management
  • Retail resident build-out
  • Devastation
  • Modernize
  • Construction clean-up
  • Family Safe Storm Shelter installation

JFM is aware of what it would take to acquire the efficiency in terms of quality and customer responsiveness which our construction project requires

Companies that contract with JFM would enjoy the following value added benefits:

  • Repetitive punch-list tread over with consultation
  • Assistance earning permits
  • Trust, integrity, and service excellence
  • Economies of scale
  • Customer approachability and partnership
  • One point of contact, one invoice to process, one payment to make.
  • Noncompulsory facility service package, which includes janitorial services and/or on-going maintenance services

Project Management Services

JFM is a established expert in the field of commercial construction services. In addition to providing the genuine construction services, we are highly qualified in all parts of project management. JFM's project management contribution includes asset valuation, budget preparation and project management for small or large projects

Asset Assessment

Before budgets can be apportioned, before resolutions can be made, an assessment of all of your current assets must be prepared. This stage alone can be a time consuming, monotonous and devastating responsibility, distracting you from focusing on your core business.

JFM expert will come in and conduct a thorough portfolio and valuation of all of your assets, issues, needs and problems. We will then provide evidence and propose options/substitutes that will provide the best result for the quality of your ability.

Budget Planning

Determining how to superlatively allocate funds to advance your capability can appear an overwhelming duty when you don’t have all of the information.

Our experts will work with you in defining all of the pertinent factors in your improvement, alter or build-out. Our experts will make sure you cognize all of the noteworthy subjects and zones of influence before you make your investment decisions.

Major Project Management

Once the investment decisions have been completed, you need an expert who can achieve all stages of the facility development project.

Our JFM Project Management experts superintend all sub-contract work to guarantee that your capability development is done to your contentment, under budget, on time and according to “Lean Six Sigma” codes that pursue cost savings while increasing quality and liability.