Chairman Message

JFM – Just For Maakin Pvt – was founded on the year 2012, with an aim to bring up a revolt to the Maldives Recruitment Industry; intension is, to reconciliation of the syncretic politics, by introducing eclecticism with friendly and reliable services to this industry. Our target is to gleam the murky, and incoherent name of this industry to a level where fingers cannot be pointed towards our industrialists. We are focused in upgrading this industry to a reliable and trustworthy industry which has been dusted and questioned by the companies & the government.

I believe that this industry is one of the powerful industries in the world. The main reason for the biggest developed countries to be developed is because of the role played by the foreign workers hired & the recruitment agencies, who maintained their level in recruiting these candidates throughout the world. Due to this reason, these agencies are honored and well accepted by the organizations & government of respective countries. Thus, to reach up to the goal of development of our country, I believe that the recruitment agencies share will be very essential. Hence the agencies must associate with each other and work together in order to bring these fluctuations to our country.

Being the chairman at Just for Maakin Pvt Ltd – JFM, my main goal is to recruit skilled, well qualified & quality foreigners to accomplish the rights of both the employee & the employer. Furthermore, our target is to create a legal environment by contributing our knowledge in recruitment industry as per the lawsuits of Maldives. JFM is not only a recruitment partner but also is a total solution provider in all the activities in concerns with foreign employees.

I would like to guarantee our clients and the service receivers that, you will not have to be anxious about the foreign employees here after. We recruit best qualified candidates across the world through 100 of more applications. Our services are outlined transparently so that our clients can see through the glasses from the adjoining ways which no party can question the quality and the methods of the services. Furthermore, it is also a fact that the services are provide from JFM with a feasible & a very affordable charge from the employers.

By the will of god, I assure you that, all the service delivered by JFM will be in observant and accountable manner, which will be unexpectedly speedy. Our future strategies is to expand our services in more efficient way with more varieties of services to ease clients & stakeholders. In this opportunity we duly thank all our clients for being our partners and for the trust you have for us.