Record Maintenance

Our services are generally in the areas of Hospitality, Tourism, Logistics, Building Construction, and Health care, Education, Accounting, Administration and Information Technology industries.

Construction & Contracting

With a major aim of building construction and civil engineering activities, JFM Pvt Ltd combines a hard focus on outstanding construction with a dedication to superior client service.

Cleaning & Maintenance

We provide services on a one time basis or a periodic cleaning schedule in areas within Male’ and outside Male’.


  • Access to qualified candidates:

    Working with JFM TEAM, you will advance access to the largest potential group of available candidates due to our reputation in the market, regular media manifestation, and a fully searchable database of quality candidates. By maintaining a healthy balance between people and technology, we ensure that candidates are comfortable with the level of decision, availability and response that we provide. As a generalist recruiter, we also try to appeal the widest range of talents available. This radically surges your chances of finding the outstanding candidate your company wants and needs.

  • Time-Efficient, Cost-Effective Solution:

    Unoccupied vacancy is a problem that can distort an entire department or company. Opportunities might be squandered, plans hindered, or other personnel abstractions from important tasks of their own. It can also subsidize the management pressure and overstretch. In short, protracted recruitment can cost your company money. Our recruitment expertise and infrastructure can help you find the right candidate faster. In addition, we will protect you further respected time by pre-screening candidates and assembling interviews on your behalf. We will always work with you to get a comprehensive job brief, in order to safeguard a flat and successful recruitment process.

  • Free, Effective Hassle-Free Advertising:

    JFM is the most protuberant advertiser in the foreign newspapers. This gives us an supreme ability to advertise vacancies on behalf of our clients, at our professional preference. You will not be charged for these ads. There are a number of advantages to JFM advertising compared to normal advertising. You save treasured time that would then be spent cleaning many inappropriate responses. Furthermore, the best candidates are usually more comfortable applying to recruitment consultancies, especially at a more senior level.

  • 3 Months of Probation Guarantee:

    Our service comes with a 3 month guarantee on all placements. If any candidate is being dis approved during his probation period, they will, without hesitation, be sent back to his country from the earliest available transfers. Our clients will not be charged for any cost for this.

  • Recruitment methods with in-depth local knowledge:

    JFM has been at the vanguard of the recruitment industry in the market. You thus benefit from an unrivaled level of local knowledge, networks and cultural awareness. We are committed to the market and believe fervently in forming long-lasting client relationships based on mutual understanding and respect.

  • Experienced Recruitment Team:

    Our greatest strength is the people who work with us. We carefully train and support our staff to ensure that you enjoy a high standard of attention and service.